Fighting Inflation. Cutting Taxes



I know families are struggling under the burden of higher grocery bills, higher gas prices and runaway inflation.  I’ve worked hard to provide families with the financial relief they need.  That’s why I cut state income taxes in half and made the first $25,000 of every North Carolina family’s income completely tax-free.

As a business owner, I know the challenges our small businesses and corporations face with the rise of inflation. I understand economic recovery should emphasize the need to cut inflation and help ease the burden placed on North Carolina families.                    

My colleagues and I in the General Assembly have done much to drive down corporate tax rates, control government spending and implement policies that have helped our state’s economy to grow in many areas. District 11 represents a diverse economy with both rural communities and rapidly growing urban areas. It’s important we have leadership that recognizes the dynamic needs of different industries. 

As I have done in the North Carolina House and Senate, I will continue to work with other state leaders to adopt business-friendly policies that drive private sector investment and encourage economic growth in all types of communities to create more jobs in all areas of our state.