Access to Quality Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act has done nothing to address costs which continue to spiral out of control. It has also done little for residents in rural communities who continue to face shortages in care and limited access to specialists and quality care. North Carolina’s leaders should seek innovative solutions, including constructive policies, that control runaway costs, enhance quality care across the state, and provide relief from the burdens inflicted by the Affordable Care Act.

It is important to explore new and diverse solutions, such as telemedicine, to increase healthcare access and the quality of care received. Utilizing a combination of community paramedics and home health care has had a high success rate and favorable patient outcomes in Nash and Franklin Counties where community paramedics follow up with certain patients that have been discharged to make sure they have the necessary medications, supplies, and medical equipment. Healthcare should be patient-oriented and proactive. We need not only to try to address the barriers to quality healthcare, but in conjunction, the barriers to transportation, education, and even the motivation to be healthy. 

Doctors and medical providers face barriers too: government regulation, costly malpractice insurance, liability and medicaid reimbursement limitations. As your representative, I hope to tackle many of these problems.