Fighting for Access to Quality Healthcare


Health care costs continue to spiral out of control. Residents in rural communities continue to face shortages in care and limited access to specialists, preventing them from receiving the quality care they deserve. During my time in the North Carolina Senate I have sought innovative solutions that control runaway costs, increase health care access, and provide relief to North Carolinians burdened by healthcare costs. That's why I advocated for legislation, during the 2021-2022 session, that helped increase access to healthcare, cut costs, and expand Medicaid.

Health care should be patient-oriented and proactive. We need not only to try to address the barriers to quality health care, but in conjunction, the barriers to transportation, education, and even the motivation to be healthy. 

Doctors and medical providers face barriers too: government regulation, costly malpractice insurance, liability and medicaid reimbursement limitations. As your Senator, I will work to tackle many of these obstacles that plague access to quality care in our district.